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William, NY, 19, I kill people.

Once again

I’m just left like none of It ever happened, 7 months just a fucking dream. The finger always coincidently gets pointed to me all because you don’t want to see yourself in the same light. I’m fucking broken, I really can’t handle this shit no more. A ton of people im being strong for and no one wants to be strong for me.

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Pokemon X Nanoblock - Gangar (Gengar)

Excuse me I need this



El diseñador, ilustrador y fotógrafo Javier Laspiur realiza un recorrido por la historia de las consolas a través de sus mandos.

'Controllers: 30 años conectados'

This is like porn



For the next month I will be hosting a giveaway, everyone that participates has a fair chance of winning. The point of the hashtag is so that I can go through all of the participants and randomly choose a winner. The camera is in great condition and functions perfectly, the photos won will be 8x11 (this is the size of the prints in this photo). You MUST reblog this and hashtag it in order for it to count. Thank you to those who support my photography and to those who participate! Good luck everyone!

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Duh nuh nuh nuh 

Nuh nuh nuh nuh 

Duh nuh nuh nuh 

Nuh nuh nuh nuh 



Jet Set Radio fanart. 

"Thank goodness. You laugh like a regular person. The way you fell from the sky, I thought you were an angel or something."

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Everyone needs a little dancing Groot on their blog.


Everyone needs a little dancing Groot on their blog.

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